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Selected proceedings of the conference "Neuroinformatics" will be published in magazines:

Short instructions for the authors:

You can choose a file in the form of Word or Latex. Templates for the design: LaTex, Word.

Each article should begin with an abstract of 150-250 words, which summarizes the content of the article. This abstract will appear on the SpringerLink website, it will have unlimited access, which will facilitate the search for interested readers, including unregistered users.

For authors using Word. Please avoid inserting equations as graphs. Work with Math function Word 2003 or 2007, MathType, or Microsoft Equation Editor to create your equations.

The approximate size of the article: 10 pages in Springer format. The size may be slightly larger, but it must be agreed with the Organizing Committee of the conference.

When preparing the final version of the article, pay special attention to the quality of the English language.

Example of an article

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