Conference Events

The participants are invited to take part in the following events.

Workshop "Current problems of Neuroinformatics"

The main purpose of the Workshop is to present and discuss the state-of-the-art and prospects of the main branches of neuroscience and neuroinformatics.

At the Workshop the leading specialists give lectures dedicated to review or certain results of their researches. Duration of the lecture is 45 minutes. After the lecture the audience has the opportunity to ask questions and discuss with the lecturer.

Lectures may be of interest not only for senior students, graduate students and young scientists in the area of Neuroinformatics but also for specialists in related areas.

Basic and poster sessions

At the sessions the author presents the main results of his research. Duration of the report and questions is 15 minutes. Presentation of the report in MS Power Point format or Adobe Reader is required.

Authors of poster papers personally participating in the conference can submit additional information to the poster and discuss with other participants.

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