Welcome to XXIV International Conference "Neuroinformatics-2022"

The international conference "NEUROINFORMATICS" is the annual multidisciplinary scientific forum dedicated to the theory and applications of artificial neural networks, the problems of Neuroscience and Biophysics systems, adaptive behavior and cognitive researches. The scope is wide, ranging from theory of artificial neural networks, machine learning algorithms and evolutionary programming to neuroimaging and neurobiology.

The conference program includes plenary session, basic and poster sessions, workshops on the state-of-the-art of neuroinformatics, special session "Problems and prospects of the cerebellum and cerebellar modules", workshop on Neuromorphic technologies in artificial intelligence systems и workshop on Neural Network Applications.


The conference includes the contest for the best young scientists' papers and the contest for the best solution of the partner company's task by youth teams

The working languages are English and Russian. Reports can be submitted in English or in Russian.

Submission deadline: April 29 – June 20, 2022

We invite all neural network researchers worldwide to join us on October 17-21, 2022 at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT).

on October 17-21, 2022 .

For participation in the conference events, please, register here and mark your participation on personal page before October 13, 2022!

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