Scope & Topics

Prospective authors are invited to submit original papers covering theoretical or applied research from the following areas of interest.

  • Neurobiology and neurobionics

  • Cognitive researches, Neural Excitability, Cellular Mechanisms, Cognition and Behavior, Learning and Memory, Motivation and Emotion, Bioinformatics, Computation, Modeling and Simulation

  • Neural networks

  • Neurocomputing and Learning, Architectures, Biological Foundations, Computational Neuroscience, Neurodynamics, Neuroinformatics, Deep Learning Networks

  • Machine learning

  • Pattern Recognition, Bayesian Networks, Kernel Methods, Generative Models, Information Theoretic Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Relational Learning, Dynamical Models, Classification and Clustering algorithms, Self-Organizing Systems

  • Applications

  • Medicine, Signal Processing, Control, Simulation, Robotics, Hardware Implementations, Security, Finance and Business, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing, Image Processing and Computer Vision

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